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Monday, July 28


Arrived in hot & steamy Orlando tonight. Just weeks ago I was here on vacation and it's amazing how quickly you forget how humid it is down here.

Plane ride: Sardines. That's the best way to put it. We were packed on the ATA flight like a can of crowded sardines.

Picture this: Here I am flipping through my Fast Company and highlighting leadership articles that I printed from my email and all of the sudden I look over and see my (immediate) neighbor excitedly flipping through Playboy magazine (no link here...). I'm sure he only reads it for the articles, but none the less, I made it a point to stay FOCUSED on my reading material. (It's a good thing my neck was hurting tonight - I couldn't really move it that well anyway...)

About 10 minutes later, out came the chewing tobacco (not saying this like, "shame on him..." - but read on...). He asked the flight attendant for a cup and unfortunately it was a clear, plastic one. And there was reason #2 not to look to my left.

The ironic part about this was that as I was getting off of the flight I noticed a large "Jesus Tattoo" on his right arm. I wish I would have seen that earlier - it might have made a good conversation starter. But I didn't know how to begin a conversation based on Playboy or chewing tobacco... "Hey man, she's hot... kind of like hell..." No, I don't think that would have worked.

(Don't get me wrong - this is not being said in a 'judgemental' way. People are just amazing creatures - and REALLY, REALLY funny!)

The other fun fact: I was sitting in the back near the bathrooms and sure enough, someone used it - in a big way. On top of that, a man a couple rows in front of me opened up his Chinese left overs from hours earlier. That didn't help the odor situation.

That was one flight I was GLAD to be off of.

So, tomorrow it's off to Atlanta. Great city... More updates then. Goodnight.