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Thursday, July 17


I'm serious about this... There are 2 things that I absolutely, dogmatically cannot stand: Pop-up ads & telemarketers. I'm convinced that if computers and telephones were around back in the days of Pharoah & Moses that God would have most certainly used pop-up ads and telemarketers as a way to curse Pharoah for not letting the Israelites go free.

It's actually ironic to me that I can't stand telemarketers because that is actually how I "made a living" (and a pretty good one at that!) for a few years after graduating high school and while in college. I can even remember thinking to myself, "Why do people hate telemarketing so much?" But now that I am on the receiving end of it all, it makes plenty of sense to me. I guess the "hundred fold return" really does work. ;-)

Pop-up windows (a.k.a. the curse of satan) should be outlawed. Now that I think about it, there is one thing that really drives me nuts too... Whenever I visit to check my daily weather, a part of the ad on the front page jumps out at me and begins taking over my entire computer screen. I call this terrorism. While we are at it, in our "War on Terrorism", let's take care of these moronic marketing tactics too.

NOTICE TO MARKETING PEOPLE: A quick way to get me NOT to buy your product is by bombarding me with your pop-up ads.

I don't need larger body parts, I don't need generic Viagra, I don't need tickets to Guam and I certainly don't need a free Pasta Pot Set.