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Monday, July 21

Sun Night/Mon AM update; Bill Bright in Heaven!!

1:45am here in Chi-town. Storms tonight...again. Pretty good day today. Services were good - Ted Egly spoke on "community". We had a Ministry Leaders meeting (about 30 "core" leaders) today.

We watched a Bill Hybels DVD entitled, "360 degree leadership". Fantastic stuff. The "jist" is that as leaders, we often focus way too much attention on leading DOWN (those under us) and not nearly enough time leading UP or HORIZONTALLY - or more importantly, leading OURSELVES. Good points.

Heard today that Bill Bright passed away on Saturday. He was 81 years old and perhaps one of the most influentual leaders in the Evangelical church world. He was the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ and was the man behind the Jesus film.

According to the "Jesus film" website, over 5 billion - YES, you read right - BILLION people have viewed this Jesus film which has resulted in over 188 MILLION decisions for Christ. Amazing.

Check out the memorial site when you get a chance...

I can only imagine the party Heaven had when this guy walked in. I'm sure that the party is still going on...

Thanks Mr. Bright for your inspiration to all of us.