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Tuesday, July 29


Well, I'm here in Atlanta. Bad traffic capital of the world... Atlanta is a big city. I'm from Chicago and I know big cities and this is definitely one of them. It's not as big as NYC or LA or even Chicago for that matter, but it is big and it "feels" big.

Tomorrow is a crazy day. 9:15am meeting at Northpoint Community Church (Andy Stanley - Lead Pastor), 11:00am meeting at Injoy (a.k.a. John Maxwell's company) and a 12:30pm lunch w/ a recent acquaintance who just joined the staff at Crossroads Community Church in Lawrenceville, GA. Busy day - but filled with great connections and a great opporunity to be around top notch leaders in the Christian community.

On a whole other note... I guess this cartoon is upsetting some people. According to the cartoon's creator, Michael Ramirez, the cartoon was meant to illustrate the "the political assassination of our president". Apparently the Secret Service got involved after this cartoon was published in the LA Times and they weren't too happy about it. Check out this article to find out what happened.

By the way - today I had lunch at a place called "Maui Teriyaki" in Gainsville, Fl - right next to University of Florida. Had the chicken teriyaki bowl. Grilled chicken with rice and vegetables with yep, you guessed it - teriyaki sauce. Pretty good and I even did pretty good eating it while I was driving. Watch out I-75 drivers! Scott Hodge on the road eating and driving!! DUIOT = Driving Under the Influence of Teriyaki. For some reason, DUIOT looks a lot like the word IDIOT.