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Tuesday, August 19


Just returned from hanging w/ some "ministry" friends in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Quick trip, but well worth it. Spent lots of time on a boat...

There's nothing better than hanging out with friends and sharing some great laughs and scattered conversations.
I must say that the creativity factor is much higher in Missouri than I last remembered. There were several restaurant names that continue to resonate in my mind. (Examples: The Horny Toad; The Frisky Frog, one that I better not say, but rhymes with DECKERS, Clown & Poop Deck and The Happy Fisherman.) Some real eye catchers, let me tell you...

I began a book while out of town entitled, Weird Ideas That Work: 11 1/2 Practices for Promoting, Managing, and Sustaining Innovation by Robert Sutton.

I haven't gotten too far, but the "jist" of the book (up to this point) is that the people who stand out as being "innovative" and "creative" are people who just downright accomplish more than most people - which means that they also tend to fail more than most people. And then on occassion, these people happen to stumble upon "success".

In other words, many great innovators/inventors, etc... spent more time failing than succeeding - primarily because they spend more time "DOING". I'm not sure how much sense that last line made, but I'll share more later.

Oh yeah - I also ran into Harry Carry while at a Dairy Queen in Missouri. He looked pretty good for having passed away a few years ago... (prime example of "scattered conversation"...)

Anyway, glad to be back home in the land of strip malls, good drivers, Starbucks Coffee and lots of Home Depots. (Just kidding about being glad about strip malls...)

Goodnight friends.