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Saturday, August 23


the Gospel
always, and
when necessary
use words"
- St Francis of Assisi -

What a quote. I guess I keep coming back to this subject because I am continually being "dealt with" by God in regards to my interaction with those who are not in a relationship with Him. It is SO EASY to speak words to people, but it is NOT always easy to live out those words in a way that will convince people that Christ is right for them.

It's amazing to me, but more and more, as I talk to those who are either new to Christianity or have not yet made that "leap", I am finding that the concern of the typical "postmodern" is not "Did Jesus exist?" or "Is the Bible authentic?" - the real question is, "Why is this Christianity thing right for me?" or "Is what I'm seeing in you what I want to become?" OUCH!!! What a thought...!

I can't think of too many places in scripture where Christ said that it will be by our words that people will know that we are His followers. Actions speak louder than words. Talk is cheap.

God, help my life to reflect your love. When people see me, help them to see You. Let my words have the backing of a committed life. Amen.