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Thursday, August 7


Wow - what a day... Great 1st day at The Leadership Summit.

Bill Hybels began the summit with 2 sessions. The first session was entitled, "The Leadership Test". He correlated the leadership of Jesus and His interaction with His disciples with leadership in the church and business realm.

The 5 tests, according to Hybels, are:

1. The "Bias Toward Action" Test

As a leader, go out of your way to create "test environments" for people. Find out who the "make it happen people" are in your organization.
Jesus knew how much "action" His life and mission would require, so He made it a priority to seek out action oriented leaders.

2. The "Can You Follow Directions" Test

BYSSIW = Because you say so, I will.
Does your prospetive leader have a cooperative attitude?

3. The "Who Deserves the Credit" Test

Obviously, God is the 1st to get the credit when something is successful. But so does the "team" - the group of committed leaders.
When we work on a team, we need to privately, publically and frequently give credit to those on the team.

4. The "Grander Vision" Test

Jesus challenged His disciples by offering them the opportunity to be a part of a "grander" vision - from fishers of fish to fishers of men!
As leaders (especially in the church arena) we need to continually challenge people to give what's left of their lives to the "grander" vision.

5. The "Will You Leave It" Test

This is the most expensive test!
Connecting with the "Grander Vision" will cause you to give up a lot - but God always gives it back... And then some!

Jim Collins lectured on being a "Level 5 Leader". You can read about that by clicking here.

Andy Stanley spoke on "Making Vision Stick".

You can check out pictures here.

More on Friday...