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Thursday, August 7


It's a bright, sunshiny day here in Chi-town. In fact, for the sake of current convienience, it is a little too bright. I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Naperville and there is not a spot in this store where the sun is not beaming directly on my face. AHHHHHH! I guess it's a great way to get caffeinated and tanned in one shot.

Ok - I have a totally weird thought that I'm sure people everywhere have thought of. I was reading a story last night in Newsweek about Saddam Hussein's sons Odai and Qusay and the events surrounding their deaths. In the article, it was talking about how when they went through the home where they were staying at the time of their death, they found several million dollars. Some was Iraqi money (dinars) and then there was quite a bit of United States currency.

So here was my thought (and yes, I know it's totally dumb and I'm ashamed to even take up your time with this...): How many hands has that money passed through over the years and is it possible that in the 29 years of my existance that one of those dollars were at one time in my possession? Sorry - I know that's crazy and I will, for the sake of an excuse, blame this on ADD or something like that.

Gotta go - Leadership Summit will be starting in about 30 minutes. More updates later...