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Monday, August 11


I hope this new "color" isn't hard on the eyes... If you feel like giving me feedback, let me know. I've been screwing around with HTML - just changing colors, etc... on the site and learning a little bit in the process as well.

I'm happy that Monday is finally here. It's been a CRAZY week - Leadership Summit (which I will share more about after I have a chance to digest it all...), teaching this weekend, etc... This coming weekend we are heading to Lake of the Ozarks for a couple of days to visit some friends and hang out. Quick trip, but should be a good time.

Ok - I guess I will share a couple of thoughts from the Leadership Summit. Jim Collins spoke at one of the sessions (author of GOOD TO GREAT).

One of his ideas that I really like (which I've read about before - but it just seems to keep coming back up...) is his idea of how if you want to move an organization from good to GREAT (good is the enemy to great) than you must first get the "right" people on the bus - which involves (in the process) getting the "wrong" people off of the bus. Then, once you have the right people on the bus, it's time to get the "right" people in the "right" seats. Then, after all of that is said and done, the decision is made as to where to drive the bus.

This thinking is quite different from many leadership paradigms - which would say, "Get a great plan first, then gather the people." The idea behind Collins' teaching is before the decision is made where to go, get the right people on the bus and then decide. Interesting concept and I think I would have to agree - because "buy in" from people needs to be based on the heartbeat/values of the organization - not the current "approach" or "style" - both of which are subject to change as our external conditions change (i.e. culture/ideologies/etc...).

Especially important for the emerging church...