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Thursday, August 14


Don't tell anyone, but tonight I visited Caribou Coffee... Being the crazy and almost sick Starbucks fan that I am, I feel as though I have committed the ultimate coffee related sin: Coffee Shop Treason.

I have a perfectly good excuse as to why my car drove itself to Caribou instead of Starbucks. Tonight, we filled our cars up with a bunch of students and decided to go "off-campus" for our Bible study and chose Caribou. We chose Caribou because of it's outdoor seating area - which, I must say, the Starbucks down the street is severely lacking in. But, as always, as I sipped my 3 shot, extra hot, skim mocha, I quickly remembered why Starbucks has my vote. Here's why:

1. Wireless Internet - Caribou doesn't have this.
2. Wall plug-in's for my laptop - Caribou didn't think of this. Or if they did, they didn't think hard enough...
3. Better coffee. I know this is debatable, but the coffee @ Starbucks just tastes better.
4. I don't know anyone who works at Caribou, so I have to pay for my coffee every time. (Lord, help the corporate people at Starbucks not to read this...)
5. Nicer decor/environment @ Starbucks. Caribou is "cute", but I feel like I'm in a lodge somewhere in Northern Minnesota (I guess that is what they are going for...), but Starbucks "feels" better - and is a more productive environment.

I'm sure there are more reasons, but I have suddenly gotten so tired that I am literally seeing 2 computer screens in front of me and there is drool running down my chin.