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Monday, August 4


Wow! What a week this one will be... On Monday evenings (Mondays are my day off...) I usually sit down to review my week and "mentally" prepare my brain for what's coming.

The big "highlight" of my week will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday when I (along w/ some of our staff) will be attending the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. We will be attending the "off-site" video feed at Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL.

The speakers at this conference are going to be FANTASTICO!

Bill Hybels - Senior Pastor @ Willow Creek Community Church here in Chicago (you know - that small little church in Barrington...)
Jim Collins - Author of the MUST READ BOOK Good to Great)
Karen Hughes - Ex-Presidential Advisor to Prez GW Bush
Andy Stanley Pastor of Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta - where I just visited for about the 5th time and must say that this church is one that every church leader needs to look at - tons of innovative/creative ideas in reaching the unchurched...)
Patrick Lencioni - author of The Five Temptations of a CEO (Great book!)

And a bunch more really top notch communicators/leaders...

So - stay tuned for updates on this conference. If any of you are going to be attending at the Community Christian location, let me know - it would be great to connect!

And in all seriousness - if you have not yet read, Good to Great by Jim Collins, YOU NEED TO! It is an absolutely fantastic book about being - guessed it - GREAT. The 'jist' of the book is that "good" is the enemy to "great" and too many people, businesses and organizations settle for good when greatness CAN be acheived. Very practical and probably one of the single most impactful leadership books I've ever read.

Goodnight and may the face of the Lord shine upon you and may the presence of the Holy One surround your bed as you dream in the Spirit. (I'm totally kidding...)