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Thursday, September 18


In the "Word of Faith" circles, this has been a crazy week. The "father" of the Word of Faith "movement", Kenneth E. Hagin is hospitalized in Tulsa after collapsing at his home on Sunday. According the the Rhema website, he is in "critical, but stable" condition.

Yesterday, I received an email telling me that he had died. Today, I received an email telling me he is alive.

I'm confused.

It's my understanding that as of right now, 1:03pm CST, Brother Hagin is alive and on life support. He has been this way now since Sunday.

Attention everyone in Tulsa: Let's not make this a "circus". Don't worry, his legacy will live on.

So there's my .02 cents worth.

Thanks Bro Hagin for everything.

(If you don't know who Hagin is or Word of Faith, this post won't make much sense to you - in which case, just ignore it.)