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Tuesday, September 9


I just took a short online test and found out that I am an intellectual worshipper. Don't get me wrong, I don't worship intellectuals, but apparently that is my "worship style". Like I needed a test to tell me that I am an intellectual. (Yeah, right...)

Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta is doing a new series (Andy Stanley, Pastor) called "You've Got Style" and it is all about different types of worship styles/expressions. They have an online "test" that you can take to help identify your worship "style".

You can take the short online test by clicking HERE.

I rated highest as an Intellectual (17 points) who draws closest to God through their minds. (Very surprising actually...)

Then, I was rated the following in this order:

Naturalist - Connects with God through nature. (12 pts.)
Ascetics - Connects with God through solitude and simplicity. (10 pts.)
Activists - Connects with God through bringing about social change. (10 pts.)

What do you rate? Try it out and post it in my "comments" section!