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Saturday, September 27


Just returned home from watching The Matrix Reloaded @ the IMAX. 2nd time seeing it, but this time much larger and louder! Went with a couple of friends who found it necessary to continuously poke fun at me during the movie in the midst of my attempts to mimic someone with narcolepsy. I don't know what my deal was tonight, but I was so TIRED! I must've fallen asleep at least 6 times. I guess I'm getting old...

Have you ever had a weird sensation in your foot or leg where you feel like it's so restless that you just have to shake it or move it around? I had that all night tonight. It was really weird. I think they call it "restless leg syndrome" or something like that. Just a sec - I'm going to Google that phrase... Ok - check this out:

Restless Leg Syndrome
Restless leg syndrome was described as early as the 16th century but was not studied until the 1940s. People with RLS complain of an irresistible urge to move their legs while at rest. A person with RLS will experience a vague, uncomfortable feeling while at rest that is only relieved by moving the legs. The symptoms of RLS may be present all day long, making it difficult for an individual to sit motionless. Or they may be present only in the late evening. Late evening symptoms can lead to sleep onset insomnia, which tends to compound the effects of RLS. Pregnancy, uremia, and post-surgery conditions have also been known to increase the incidence of RLS. And, surprisingly, fever seems to decrease it.

Although one study found RLS to be most prevalent in middle-aged females, its incidence increases with age.

Restless leg syndrome is estimated to affect 5% of the population. Approximately 80% of people with RLS have PLMD, though most people with PLMD do not experience RLS.

Oh Lordy!!!!

Ok - that's weird. I don't get that very often - maybe once every year or so. So, I'm going to ignore the symptom and just move on with my life.

Started reading a new book tonight - Patrick Lencioni's book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I'll post a review about this when I'm finished. I heard Mr. Lencioni speak a couple of months ago and he was great. Part of the reason I enjoyed him so much was his apparent A.D.D. issue, which I can so clearly relate to. (If you doubt that, just read some of my posts...)

Well enough nonsense. I'm off to bed. I'm being interviewed tomorrow by a college student from Valparaiso University in Indiana for her theology class, so I better get lots of sleep so I don't look like the leader of a cult in the morning.