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Monday, September 8


Tonight, I watched as President Bush gave a short speech to re-cast his vision for fighting terrorism. Although a bit overdue (in my opinion...), his speech was a good reminder to the American people as to why we are waging war on terrorism and making the sacrifices that are necessary to do so. I still have a few questions of my own, but those are for another time.

The thing that is really making my head spin is a simple (and probably obvious) observation. It baffles me how just two years ago, our nation put on one of the strongest united fronts ever witnessed in my lifetime. I can still remember the senators and congressmen/women standing on the steps of the nation's capital singing a patriotic song. At that moment, as strange as it may seem, it appeared that our nation was united in her efforts. We had made a decision to stand up to these cowardly acts and those who performed them.

So what happened?

One word: POLITICS. Ok, maybe 2 words, but they tie in together: POLITICS & PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

A couple of years ago, we all agreed that we had to wage war on terrorism. And that is exactly what this White House has done - in a very focused manner. Perfect? No. But focused? Yes. But now, as we scoot closer to election time, this has become a "personal agenda" war of Mr. President.

I don't believe it.

Do I agree with everything President Bush says or does? No.

Do I think that his administration is communicating as effectively as they should? No.

But do I think that the United States better cover it's butt and stand up for the freedom that we enjoy everyday and hardly even ever have to think about? Yes.

And last but not least, do I think that this is a new type of war that we are fighting and perhaps need to be willing to cut some slack to our government for not doing everything perfect? Yes.

So back to the capital steps. September 12th, 2001. What was that? Perhaps a bunch of crap. Perhaps sincerity. Perhaps a little of both. Or, perhaps it's just an amazing example of how easily people forget and lose focus.

So there is my political talk. Please comment. Make this blog interesting. Disagree with me.