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Saturday, September 27


Have you seen those pop ads that has been using for a while now? They pop up like a regular ad, but they are games you can play. When you click on the game to play a new window opens up and takes you to Priceline, but you can continue to play the game in the window. The game looked fun and lured me into playing! I just minimized the new Priceline window and returned to my game. The games that I've seen are water dunking, baseball, golf, etc...

I guess for all of us "Gen X" 80's & 90's video game addicts this could be a somewhat effective approach. It got my attention and even got me to write about it on my site. So, I might as well go all out and direct you to the site of Here you go - click here to go to!.

These people should pay me big money for this...

P.S. Those other ads that companies are using that cover up the whole screen or float around on top of the page you are trying to look at (i.e. DRIVE ME CRAZY!! Can you say "INVADING MY SPACE?!?"