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Tuesday, September 23


From the Brian McLaren article mentioned below. Check out the entire article here.

"Why, in a Christian subculture served by 24-hour Christian radio-TV, bathed in books and periodicals of unparalleled quality and quantity, instructed by a state-of-the-art seminary system, and inspired by a state-of-the-heart worship music industry … why are so few of our good Christian people good Christians?

Why is Prozac needed by so many? Why are the most biblically-knowledgeable so often so mean-spirited? Why are our pastors dejected so often? Why do our speakers (both human and electronic) have to blare so loudly to get a response, and even then, why is the response so shallow or temporary?

That discontent may be the ending point for many of us, but it is the starting point for our brothers and sisters of the emerging culture. If Christianity doesn't bear fruit in a way or rhythm or pattern of life that yields Christ-likeness in real measure, they aren't interested. Being "saved" is suspect if people aren't being transformed."

Oh man! I love this! It’s so stinkin’ convicting, yet something about it just seems right.

“Why do our speakers (both human and electronic) have to blare so loudly to get a response, and even then, why is the response so shallow or temporary?”

Could the answer to this be partly because the speakers are blaring the “right” message the "wrong" way? Or maybe the “right” message has been so heavily influenced by wrong thinking and/or the twisted opinions of man that it has become the “wrong” message? Or, maybe the problem is that the “speakers” have been doing nothing but “speaking”.

One of the things that I pick up from my readings and experiences with our emerging culture is a strong belief in the old adage that says, "talk is cheap". Lots of talking and little living. Or, our (referring to much of the church) actions have been blanketed with harsh, judgmental attitudes. Sort of the “get right, then you can join us” attitude. So opposite of the attitude of Jesus when He walked this earth.

It seems that people are not so much interested in the “proof” of the Bible, Jesus, etc… as much as they are in whether or not it’s "right" for them. For many in the 80’s & 90’s, apologetics were they key. "Prove the Bible is true, or prove that Jesus really was the Son of God and I will believe." Now it seems that our postmodern culture is not so much interested in the "proof" as much as they are interested in whether or not it is something that they believe will really need or want.

Which leads to this convicting question: When a seeker looks at me, do they want to become what I am?

One more thing... I think that what they want to see in us, as Christians, is not "perfection" or "unapproachable" living. It's authenticity, honesty and a willingness to admit that we too, as Christ followers, have questions and sometimes struggle too - while at the same time living in the grace and power of Christ.

Your thoughts?!