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Sunday, September 28


Today (Sunday) was a great day... The highlight for me was a conversation I had after one of our services with a woman who was telling me about her friend (we'll call her Vicki) who she invited to church a couple of months ago and has been coming every week since then. That's cool - but the fact that she has been "attending" is not the best part.

The BEST part is the "background" information - "Vicki" was raised Muslim and has become very curious about this whole "Christianity" thing. In fact, before she attended The Orchard (the church I'm on staff at), she was semi turned off at the little bit she knew about "Christian" churches.

Well, the past few weeks, Vicki has been taking several steps forward in her spiritual journey. A few weeks ago, during our worship time, her friend who invited her, looked over at her and there stood Vicki - with all kinds of doubts and fears about this "God" thing, and a tear streaming down the side of her face. God was touching this seeker's heart.

Today, her friend told me that she has begun "bowing her head" during the worship time. To someone who has been in the church for a long time, that might not seem like a big deal, but IT IS! This Muslim woman's heart is cracking open. The walls are beginning to weaken.

Vicki has also been getting involved in the life of the church - getting to know people, asking questions, etc... We're not sure if she has taken the plunge and bowed her knee to Christ yet, but she is seeking and every week drawing closer and discovering Christ in a safe environment where questions and doubts are welcomed and people are accepting her just the way she is.

Vicki is on her way to experiencing something that will change her life forever.

There is nothing that stokes my fire more than this. I can't even think about this person (and others like her) who are on the verge of "selling out" to Christ, without getting a little choked up with such joy. It's truly amazing.

What a journey for all of us...