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Sunday, October 19


Well I thought it would be a fun "daddy/daughter" night out last night... I've been wanting to take Elise (our 3 1/2) year old to see the 3D IMAX movie called "BUGS" for a few weeks now. In fact, we went a couple of weeks ago, got in line to purchase our tickets and when we got up to the man behind the glass, he informed us that the movie projector broke so it wouldn't be showing for another week. So we finally went last night.

It's a 60 minute documentary on, yes, you guessed it - bugs. Real bugs - not these fake cartoon bugs that talk and dance. I'm talking about bugs that look like anything from twigs and leaves to monsters and demons. In fact, they actually had a bug sex scene in this movie. Music and all. Imagine that. And in 3D too! Wow. (Try explaining that to a 3 year old...)

As the movie began, Elise and I settled into our seats with our popcorn and GIANT Cherry Coke. We placed our special "3D" glasses on our faces and patiently waited. Suddenly out of nowhere bug noises began coming from all over the room. Elise began looking around, almost hysterically, for the bugs she was hearing. I could tell she was getting upset about these noises, so I leaned over and said, "It's ok honey - their not real." And as best as a 3 1/2 year old could, she said something like this: "Yeah, whatever dad, you're full of crap - they're real and they are coming to get us, so let's get out of here!" And before she could complete that sentence, bugs began flying into our faces - spiders, ants, satanbugs, you name it. It was "ugly bug" convention at the IMAX. Elise jumped out of her seat, pulled her glasses off of her head and said, "LET'S GO HOME NOW!"

(Side note: This reminds me of when I was a kid and my family was settled comfortably in front of the TV for the very first episode of the Incredible Hulk (March 10th, 1978) and as Bill Bixby turned into the Hulk, I jumped off of the couch, ran up to the TV and shut if off and said, "We're not watching that!")

So back to my daughter and the bug movie... Needless to say, Elise watched the rest of the movie WITHOUT the glasses on and holding on to me very tight.

It was not a good experience for her.

It was also not a good experience for Amanda and me, as we stayed up with her all night trying to convince her that there were no bugs in the room. 3 hours of sleep last night. No more bug movies for a while...

PS - I have to mention the movie's sponsor. Ok, are you ready........ TERMINIX! I'll bet the bugs were pretty excited about that...