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Tuesday, October 14


What should be done with this guy? Should he be stoned? Perhaps severely beaten? I don't know... But I can tell you that he should never be allowed into a baseball stadium again.
In case you don't know what happened - It was the 8th inning with only five outs to go before heading to the World Series, Chicago was confidently playing the game with the World Series in their view. The score was 3-0 and a CHICAGO fan - yes, you read it right - CHICAGO fan, caught a foul ball that was just inches away from landing in Cub's left fielder, Moises Alou's glove. After that, everything came crashing down. The Marlins proceeded to load the bases and scored 8 - yes, 8 runs, leaving the Cubs grasping for air with a final score of 8-3.

It's very possible that the overly excited Cubs fan - or should I say Cubs "moronic fan" - cost the Cubs a chance at the World Series. I know that's debatable and even perhaps highly unlikely, but all I can say is that this dude better watch his back for the next couple of weeks around Chicago. I might have to sick my parent's miniature schnauzer on him.