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Wednesday, October 15


Well in less than 2 hours the Cubs will face the Marlins in a "winner takes all" game for the World Series. Hopefully the fans will keep their hands to themselves tonight - unless of course, someone wants to help the Cubs by grabbing the ball from the Marlins. I know...double standard.

I actually feel a little bad about the guy who caught the ball last night. I still think it was a dumb move, but now they are publishing his name, work place, etc... on the Internet and I'm sure that it isn't going to help his "self-image" or his butt. I thought it was interesting how all of the sports announcers, team members, etc... were very quick to let everyone know that it was a "mistake" and that people shouldn't make a big deal out of it. Can you say "Quick PR recovery"? Or should I say, "Save this guy's butt comments"?

So anywho... I'm nervous, yet excited. I do think the Cubs will take the win tonight. But I still can't get over that "ocky" feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me otherwise. I guess that makes me a "doubleminded" Cub fan. Maybe I should start a group...