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Tuesday, October 21


Approaching hour number 16 in my work day... I'm in my office w/ some Jazz pipin' through my computer thanks to Internet radio and a good station down in Tempe, Arizona. I'm eating leftovers (which I normally don't do, but because of where I ate last night, I certainly don't mind...) and working on a "talk" for a men's breakfast I'm giving on Saturday.

Yesterday was Amanda's birthday - AND my day off! Double whammy! We had a great dinner downtown at . Click the logo to check it out.

GREAT, GREAT dinner... Very trendy Asian/American/French/Indian cuisine - wonderful!! Not overly expensive for the quality and portions of food. The creativity level of the food, atmosphere, etc... was fantastic. I give it.................4 stars. If you live in the Chicago area or are visiting anytime soon, I would recommend it. Here's what we had:

"from our hearth oven" fresh baked olive tart topped with tossed greens,
goat cheese, caramelized onions and basil

french onion soup with normandy's twist on tradition
onion broth, smoked chicken, apple and camembert

hot and sour baked rock shrimp
crab and sriracha stuffing, hot and sour vinaigrette

pan-roasted osaka black cod, soy and sweet mirin glaze
roasted spring onions, fork-smashed snap peas

chinese bbq pork and lobster "chow mein"
coriander noodles, sweet soyu and cardamom

Hungry yet? Ok - I've got to get back to work. I just needed a quick break. (Just returned from my 2nd funeral today...)