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Thursday, October 16


#1. No where in the world will you find more dedicated, loyal sports fans than in Chicago.

Go to any city in the US and beyond and find me sports fans who are more loyal than those in Chicago. You won't find them. That explains why you would see an elderly lady weeping in the stands after last night's game. She loved this team - probably like she loved her son or daughter. She probably grew up with her dad taking her to Cubs games as a child and maybe even remembers the very first time she sat down in Wrigley Field. She had lots of hope last night that this "was it".

#2. No one else can understand how this feels to a city unless a) you are from Chicago or b) you are currently living here and have caught the "spirit" of the fans.

It's as though it's a curse to talk about the game today. Even last night after the game, we didn't call each other. We didn't say a word. We just went to bed.

#3. We haven't lost our hope, joy, happiness, peace, or whatever you want to call it. We just want to grieve a bit.

#4. Since we are the best fans in the world, we will recover very quickly and continue to stand behind our teams. In my case - the Cubs, not the Sox. (Go ahead South Siders...hate me.)

So, to all of my bloggers and readers and whatever else you may be, today I immerse myself in sackloth and ashes and lay before the altar of my God. Ok, nevermind. I guess I won't go that far... But I will say a prayer for the old lady who I saw crying last night.