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Monday, October 27


Author, blogger, idea person, Seth Godin, posted something worth reading on his site today. He is quoting a guy named Howie Jacobson who said in regards to marketing (you can find Howie's original article here):

"When I start marketing a product, I naturally start by talking to myself. I write sales copy that appeals to my values. I argue the price/value question in ways that I find convincing. I use layouts and pictures that affect me.

Bad Howie.

Unless my market is very much like me (which rarely happens, believe me), I'm going to fail.

I'm speaking Gorilla-ish to Dogs. To me, I'm saying "Buy my stuff," but they hear, "Run away! I'm a Dork."

I'm not going to succeed in teaching my prospects Howie-lish. If I want to communicate with them, I have to learn their language.

What a great point. How many of us, as pastors/church leaders, in our attempt of reaching "outsiders" spend too much time thinking about what might appeal to you or me as "insiders". We need to step out of our shoes and ask, "How will this be seen by my the people I'm trying to reach." Seems like a basic marketing "rule" to me, but then I think about how many times I've "marketed" from an "insiders" viewpoint.

Good article - thanks Seth for pointing me to Howie's article!