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Monday, October 27


Oh man...what a day. This is about the time every Sunday night when I am about midway through my "Sunday Hangover". Not an alcoholic hangover - but just the Sunday church hangover (those of you who are deeply involved with a church on the weekends know what I'm talking about...).

But it was a great day today. I spoke today in our series "More Ready Than You Realize" about evangelism and the 3 "I's": Invest, Invite & Include. For an audio copy of this message, send $14.95 to PO Box 88811.... Totally kidding...

After the service, we had our first ever Orchard 101 - which is basically the first step in our POP process (Pathway of Purpose) - our spiritual "growth" path - the goal being to get folks from the "front door" to becoming "full court" followers of Christ. Today was our "intro to the orchard" and we had over 40 people attend the class. The best part about it was going through the "Getting to Know You" forms and seeing how many of these people were previously unchurched before connecting @ The Orchard. That is more fulfilling than almost anything I can think of...

Watched some TV tonight, which I rarely get to do... I've heard a lot about this show called, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo, but had never seen it before - until tonight. It's a show where 5 gay (or in their words, "queer") guys help makeover a "straight" guy. And I've got to tell you - it was a fun show! I enjoyed it! These guys were having a blast helping to make this nerdy, NYC transplant transform his "look". And at the end of the show they sat down and watched him try to function without their help and it was absolutely HORRIBLE! All they did for this guy was put a bandaid over his situation. Poor guy...

Well I'm falling asleep at my computer which means I should probably go to bed. Glad tomorrow is Monday - sleeping in, laundry, laundry, and more laundry. Maybe a trip over to Starbucks in the morning to start my day right. Great day w/ the Fam.