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Sunday, October 5


I knew this was going to happen... It's 12:13am and I am wired. I have to be up at 5:00am and I'm not bit. Tonight I went to a wedding rehearsal dinner for a couple whose wedding I'm officiating tomorrow (Sunday). The rehearsal dinner was scheduled to be at Emilio's Tapas Bar in downtown Wheaton, but the reservations got messed up, so all 50 or 60 of us trotted across the street to Gino's East Pizzeria. If you're from Chicago or know a lot about Chicago, you will know that Gino's serves up an excellent deep dish pizza.

The best part of the evening was going table to table and meeting a bunch of people and hearing their stories, etc... I met people from Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee and Colorado and heard a variety of accents. I even met a guy who was hit by a car while riding his bike........7 times! That's right - 7 times. I met another guy who crashed his motorcycle into a car going about 40 mph. He was pretty proud of that one.

Afterwards, I went to Starbucks to add some finishing touches to the wedding ceremony. One of the things I did tonight during the rehearsal dinner was hand out a card which asked this question, "How do you make love last?" I compiled all of the cards and threw a bunch of their quotes into my wedding "message". My hope is that this will add a fun twist to the ceremony. The best answer of the night: "Lots of Viagra and Prozac". LOL!

So while I was at Starbucks, I ordered a 3 shot grande skim mocha. It was about 9:30pm and now I'm wired. So I guess I'm getting what I paid for. And actually, the longer I stare at this computer screen the more tired I get.

Tomorrow I'm leading worship @ our 1st service and then leaving for the wedding. Then I'm coming home and SLEEPING. Then, around 8:00pm we will turn on TLC and become hypnotized by the $100k Trading Spaces special.

Well, before I bored you to death I better sign off. Goodnight blogger friends. Happy Sabbath.