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Thursday, November 27


(A few pics from today in NYC - Central Park, SoHo neighborhood, Me (Scott) eating food, View from Empire State Bldg - facing lower Manhattan, Central Park, Abe w/ the bull at Wall Street)

Well we made it back to Chicago. I was actually amazed at the ease by which we travelled on Thanksgiving Eve. We were not delayed at all and even arrived in Chicago early. Good job airlines! (Although I'm sure that not everyone has the same story...)

It's weird to be back home. It's hard to imagine that just earlier today we were walking down 5th Avenue in NYC, visiting Tiffany's & Co. and walking through the beautiful New York Public Library. New York City was certainly an awesome experience and I will take some time over the next few days to share my thoughts and observations about this great city.

By the way - from our home to yours - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!