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Tuesday, November 25


I'm sitting in a Starbucks in China Town right now. This place is JAMMED packed... I love the energy of NYC. People everywhere.

Going to have dinner tonight @ Bobby Flay's restaurant called The Mesa Grill . Click on the link and check out this menu!

It's been a great day here. We visited Ground Zero. I'll write more about that later - maybe tonight. We also walked along the Hudson River on the very southern part of Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty glistened in the distance. We were going to take a trip on a ferry to Lady Liberty, but we missed the last ferry. Maybe tomorrow... (We've been saying that about everything - "maybe tomorrow" - we'll see how far we get.)

Leaving tomorrow to head back to Chicago. I've got a lot of thoughts to share about NY. A lot of observations, etc... The people here are really amazing. People have been very friendly and willing to help us w/ directions, questions, etc...

Gotta run - more later.