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Thursday, November 6


Wow...what a day. Spent the day downtown with Ted shooting a video - doing street interviews, asking the question: "What is the purpose of your life?" The shoot went great, but it was COLD. Brrrr... Winter is almost here.

We were having fun w/ the digital camera. Check these out... (An attempt at a little urban train photography...)
chi-town from the train::me::ted

Shot back on the train mid-afternoon, got back to the church and taught a baby/parental dedication class, had music rehearsal and spent the evening pre-editing the video so that I can have "our guy" edit it tomorrow. Pre-editing is such a long process, but saves us lots of $$$.

Tomorrow is study day. I'm opening up our new series this weekend, "The Purpose Driven Life". I am not nearly as prepared as I should be, but my day will be spent @ Starbucks tomorrow FOCUSED. Say it with me: FOCUSED. No A.D.D. tomorrow.