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Friday, November 21


I got my car detailed today. I had them do the $13 package and then the additional $13 add on for the super detail - which includes Armorall on the inside, tires, etc...

Well the car looks good, but there's one problem. It smells like B.O. Yes - B.O. - Body Odor. And I hate to accuse anyone, but I know which person it was that sprayed their odor in my automobile. It's the same guy who left the B.O. in my car a couple of months ago when I had it detailed.

I don't know what to do. Should I call them and let them know that they forgot to "odorize" my car? (Except that they didn't forget - it was just odorized by means of a short man who doesn't like to smile very much.) Should I let them know that I would like a free wash next time? (In which case I wouldn't have to pay money for the B.O.)

Any suggestions? :)