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Tuesday, December 30


Picked up some new CD's the other day. Among them:

The latest Evanescence called Fallen. Good stuff... Someone on used the word "eclectic" and I think I agree.

Sting's new CD, Sacred Love. I've been a Sting fan for a lot of years so I enjoy almost everything he does. Although, I have yet to be as impressed by a recording of his since his live CD that he recorded on 9/11 just hours after the tragedies entitled, "All This Time". It was recorded in Tuscan, Italy and is one of the best live albums I've ever heard.

Ok - Seal has done it again with his new CD entitled, "Seal IV". It takes forever for this guy to come out w/ a new album, but when he does it is almost always INCREDIBLE. Buy this CD.

Also picked up Coldplay's CD - "A Rush of Blood to the Head". I had a copy of this CD but lost it. These guys remind me so much of early U2. Great, great album if you are an early U2 fan.

Let's see...what else. Oh yeah - John Mayer. Latest album, Heavier Things - pretty good - a few good songs but not as good as his last album. I like this guy when it's just him and his acoustic. He pulled out the electric for this album and did a fine job, but just not my preference when it comes to John Mayer.

That's all I can think of. Oh yeah, I got the latest Peter Gabriel compilation thinking I was getting his new CD. Woops. Ebay here I come baby.

What are you listening to?