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Sunday, December 14


Sunday nights are always very reflective evenings for me. Today was a good day - very tiring though. When I don't get my Sunday afternoon nap I feel kind of jipped.

I taught this morning @ our services - wrapped up the last week of our Purpose Driven Life series. One of the things we did today was challenge people to step out of their comfort zones and get involved in serving. (Not that we don't normally do this, but we took a fairly aggresive approach today). The response was fantastic.

I am a firm believer that people want to be challenged and asked to step up and be a part of something that will make a difference. I agree 100% with DJCHUANG'S post (see 12/11 blogpost below...) that we tend to become way too wussy when it comes to asking people to step up and be involved or take part of a particular initiative. Instead of saying, "If you're interested" or "We know your busy, but we could sure use your help" - we took more this kind of approach, "It's time to get off the bench and into the game. You need to be involved in serving - not just to make a difference in someone else's life, but to fulfill one of the purposes that you created for! So take action today and make it happen."

Way to go Orchard-"ers". You stepped up to the plate.

Tomorrow is my "day off" which doesn't mean much this week. It's going to be a busy one, so I shall begin my week early.

Goodnight friends.