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Monday, January 19


It amazes me the people that God brings across my path who are always an incredible source of encouragement. I can easily look back over the past 12 months and name off specific moments where people went out of their way to say or do something that just absolutely gave me the fuel to keep pushing forward. (Those moments are etched in my heart.) These are the kind of people who seem like they are always happy and have a positive, upbeat attitude. It's like when you walk away from a conversation with them you just feel like you have been energized.

I could make a list of those people right now, but I especially want to say thanks (sounds like I'm giving a speech at the Grammy's...) to Dave & Rennie Garda for their continual encouragement and support to me personally and our church staff. Everytime I connect with these guys I walk away so built up and rearin' to go. They help make me feel like I can really change the world. Thanks Dave & Rennie, I'm glad I know you guys and I'll see you again soon at Starbucks!

P.S. If you get a chance, check out their website here. If you are a pastor of a church and you need help raising up leaders & volunteers - these people have some great ideas.