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Saturday, January 24


I'm probably going to ruffle some feathers with this one...

A couple of days ago, I visited one of our local "Christian" bookstores to purchase something. It had been quite a while since I had visited there so I decided to walk around and see what was new in the world of "Christian" books, music, etc... Well there were a couple of things that caught my eye during my visit. Only one of them is really worth mentioning and that is the array of "Christian" candies that I saw offered for sale.

Something about this really frightens me. Scripture Mints, Faith Pops, Scripture Sour Gum and Scripture Smarties. Go ahead - say those out loud.

Tell me this isn't just a little corny... Maybe the thing that irritates me about this is what it seems to represent. I guess it's this whole "Christian culture" thing. To me it represents the problem that many Christians have of living in their Christian bubble. They've got their Christian music (which isn't bad in and of itself - in fact there is a lot of good Christian music out there finally), Christian clothing, Christian language (Christianese), etc... And now we've got our own candy?

Now we are relying on mints and gum to do the witnessing for us? First of all, where's the relationship aspect that is so vital (earning the right to be heard)? Secondly, regardless of the relationship thing, don't you think that 95% of all people who receive a Faith Pop are going to laugh or make fun of it? (On top of all of that, who really reads candy wrappers anyway?) Sometimes I feel like the Christian community has almost cheapened the gospel through all of its marketing and packaging.

Maybe I'm totally wrong and this is a new innovative way to reach people, but in my opinion, it's about as lame as the majority of TV preachers on television. My point is that all of this Christian "stuff" is great and all, but if we ever use any of it as a shield to hide behind or as a replacement for investing into the lives of people via relationships then we have a problem.

Ok, now I'll get off of my soapbox (Christian soapbox at that...)