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Tuesday, January 6


In a couple of weeks, we are doing a message on the topic of “family” in a series that we are in entitled, “Starting the New Year Off in High Resolution.”

In this message on family, we want to use a few short video clips to help illustrate our points. That’s where you come in.

Take a moment, read through the points below and leave your comment on what scenes from either a movie or a TV show come to your mind that might help us.

We are open to using relevant clips from anyone from the Simpsons to the Brady Bunch. Again, movie clips are fine too. They can be funny or serious – it doesn’t matter. (These can be examples of how to or how NOT to do it.)

Here are the points – and thanks for your help!

Characteristics of a High Functioning Family

1. They show irrational love to one another.
2. They communicate to one another with truth and grace.
3. They affirm the value and uniqueness of everyone in the family.
4. They vow never to abuse, shame, control or intimidate each other.
5. They share a common spiritual belief system.
6. Teach respect for other people in the family system.
7. They instill a sense of responsibility in each family member.
8. They have rituals and traditions that they honor all the time.
9. They reach out for help when they come to an impasse. (They know how to do an SOS)