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Monday, January 19


Interesting quote by Brian McLaren at the Mayhem event in Cincinnati:

I hope that what catholic comes to mean is "post-protestant." There are problems in the Catholic church, so we decide to protest them and we made the Lutherans. Then we see their problems and we protest them. So we form the Pietists. Then they protest and we have on and so forth. That sociology is possibly more destructive than the selling of indulgences we all know about.

Can we move out the Protestant era? Can we become embracing? When we have issues with whatever group, we come up with our 3 differences. Are those differences really that important? No, but we've had to differentiate ourselves from those people over there. I imagine that we'll find all kinds of different kinds of church life here. We'll either do this as protestants or post-protestants. "We don't pay pastors." Big deal. "We don't have a building." So you don't have a building? That's great. Big deal...Andrew Jones talks about having a deep ecclesiology. Let's honor the church in all it's forms.

What do you think?

(PS - Thanks Ooze Blog.)