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Thursday, February 19


I just watched the most repulsive Christian TV show I think I’ve ever seen. It was a show featuring 2 individuals – one, a former celebrity and the other guy, an evangelist.

While I’m sure that their motives and hearts are in the right place, their approach to reaching people for Christ is, in my opinion, completely judgmental and tacky. They were street witnessing, using the Ten Commandments as a tool to help people see how sinful they are so that they could “sell” God to them.

For example, they were making the point, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” and they were doing a street interview asking a woman if she had ever done that and after finally understanding what she was being asked she replied with, “Yes, I’ve done that.” The evangelist’s immediate response was, “Well then you blasphemed God!” She immediately looked perplexed.

In other scenes this guy was street witnessing and he wouldn’t even give people a chance to respond – he wouldn’t shut his mouth! He kept shooting out his “Christian” one-liners and “selling” his message. These people looked more confused after being approach then beforehand! My guess is that these people won’t be visiting a “Christian” church for a while.

What’s interesting is that they didn’t even actually show anyone “converting” on the show. Hmmm… I wonder why?!

What the @#*&$@*#&$ is wrong with people? This is why the unchurched of America think that Christians are a bunch of judgmental weirdos. To a large degree, they’re right.

I have to go now and get some Tums and then apologize to my TV for screaming at it.