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Wednesday, February 18


I spent a couple of hours today in good conversation with two friends – Jim Larson (those are his feet...) and Matt Hook (nice meeting you Matt!) at a new coffeehouse downtown Aurora. Jim and Matt are involved in a local house church in Aurora. It was interesting and educational for me to hear how they are working at creating community in the urban environment of Aurora.

We talked about a lot of stuff, but the part I enjoyed discussing the most was our response (actually total guesses) to a question posed by Jim. The question was, “How do we help the modern/postmodern/emerging/etc. church become (or remain) globally minded, specifically towards missions (and in their case, urban missions)?”

Good question. Is it just a matter of educating? Exposing? Story telling? Maybe all of those things?

One of my thoughts was, "How do we help people develop concern for someone half way across the world when perhaps they’ve never taken interest in developing an authentic relationship with their unchurched next door neighbor?"

I guess it all ties in together.

Your thoughts?