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Thursday, February 5


This weekend we are beginning a new series on relationships and community. The title and concept of the series is based on a book written by John Ortberg entitled, Everybody's Normal "Till You Get to Know Them. (By the way - if you are looking for a great read on the topic of relationships and how to improve them, I HIGHLY recommend his book.)

As I put my "talk" together for this weekend, I want to pose a couple of questions to you for feedback that I think will be very helpful to me and perhaps others.

Use the "Comments" section to leave your thoughts. Here they are:

    1. Think about the weirdest person you ever met or saw - why did you label them as "weird?" (Perhaps you didn't know them - but just saw them in public doing something crazy...)

    2. On a scale of 1-10, how important is "community" to you? And why? (What pushes you towards connecting with others?)

Thanks for your help!