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Saturday, March 27


Earlier in the week I went to court with a friend of mine. It was raining cats and dogs outside when I arrived, so I was happy when I pulled my backseat down and saw an umbrella in the trunk. I quickly jumped out of the car, opened up the trunk and got my umbrella out. As I slammed the trunk closed, I noticed a woman a few cars over getting out of her car with a paper bag over her head, so I ran over to her and invited her to walk with me to the entrance of the courthouse.

It was windy. Before we even approached the door, the wind blew my umbrella inside out and it broke. Angry at either the wind or the poor construction of my umbrella (I'm not sure which), I jammed it into the garbage can outside of the courthouse.

As I entered the courthouse, I was amazed and bothered by one thing in particular – the way people were dressed!

Sweat pants, pajama bottoms, “Phat Farm” pants hanging down to their crotch (sir, you know who you are...), ripped jeans with BIG holes in them. In fact, my friend even saw a guy walking down the hall with NO shirt on! What the heck?

Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I suggest that everyone wear a suit and tie to court (although, I was wearing one so that I could represent my friend well - plus, it made me feel sort of like an attorney…), but give me a freakin’ break – this was over the line.

I never thought I would say this and yes, it proves that I’m getting “old” – but here I go anyway: What are people thinking? They might as well walk up to the judge and belch in their face or flick them off (or “flip” if you’re not from Chicago…) and tell them to screw off.

May I suggest something to fellow court-goers?

At least pretend to care. It (may) help you.

Or not.

Ok, enough said.

p.s. I don't have anything against "Phat Farm" clothing. Seriously. I browsed their website and they have some cool jeans & t-shirts. Just please wear a belt.