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Saturday, March 13


WiFi'ing from Starbucks while I await our LARGE order to cook from Lao Sze Chuan - perhaps one of the BEST Szechuan restaurants in Chicago. You can check out the menu here. They have a location in Westmont, which is near where we live. They have 4 locations around Chicago including one in Chinatown on Archer Ave.

Tonight, everyone wants "not spicy" except for me. I'm dying to try the Hot Pot, but that's kind of hard to order "to go". Impossible actually...

On another totally non-related note, the Starbucks that I'm in right now is round and I can actually hear a conversation that is taking place on the other side of the circle as though they are sitting directly in front of me. It's crazy man...

Gotta go - my Pork Stomach with Sour Pickle is probably almost finished cooking. (Just kidding...)