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Tuesday, March 30


Good point, from DJ Chuang's blog:

    "this theme echoed several times in the past 24 hours - why not reveal what is happening on the inside while it is in process? Instead of holding back an idea or a plan until it is perfected and done for communication/publicity channels, which keeps the masses in the dark, in an organization or corporation or church, and creates stirs of ignorance + cluelessness, or worse, suspicion or discouragement (b/c the masses see "nothing going on").. rather, reveal what is going on while it is in process, and invite others to participate in the conversation, pitch in their ideas, collaborate, and produce something better than what can be done behind closed doors..."
Thanks for bringing up a valid point DJ. I suppose that there are exceptions to this idea, but overall I think it is right on. We sometimes treat information as gold and don't want to share it out of fear or concern that people may challange our "plans". The only problem is that our plans need to be challenged from time to time. I also think that allowing "outsiders" to be a part of this process helps people take ownership of the idea/project even more.