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Friday, April 23


The New York Times took a stab on Thursday to rate Chicago food. It's actually a very interesting article and it even mentions my favorite Italian Beef stop - Al's #1 Beef. My location of preference is on Taylor Street in Little Italy. There's nothing like this sandwich in the world.

In case you aren't familiar with the italian beef sandwich, it is thin sliced beef on a soggy french roll with either hot or sweet peppers. If you are the daring type, you'll have them dip the entire sandwich into the gravy (juice). Although you will need a shower after eating it, your mouth will be filled with gratitude for hours on end.

The article has some nice descriptions and reviews of the ever famous Chicago hot dog. I found it a bit odd that the writer didn't stop for Chicago pizza while in town or even comment much on it. Chicago pizza is a major deal to all of us Chicagoans.

Check out the article here. and learn a bit about Chicago food! THE BEST IN THE WORLD!