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Thursday, April 29


Met up w/ a friend in China Town today for lunch and ate at Joy Yee's Noodle Shop. We shared the Shrimp tempera (pic #1) and I ordered (which I can't believe I did while in China Town) the Kung Pao Chicken (pic #2). The KP chicken was nice and spicy! The seared jalapenos were great...

On the way out of China Town I saw something that I've never seen before. We were in front of a Chinese grocery store and a big semi truck pulled up that had the words "LIVE FISH" written on the side of it. Then these guys jumped up on top of the trailer and began netting fish out the top and into a large red garbage can on the ground. The owner of the store, a short Chinese man, came out and frustratingly began pulling a few dead fish out of the garbage can and throwing them on the ground. Interesting observation. The truck came from Arkansas, so I'm assuming that the fish were caught in Arkansas and hauled up to Chicago in this giant aquarium on wheels.