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Monday, April 19


My friend, Melissa, showed me a link today that I thought was pretty clever. It's the latest in Burger King marketing and when you click on the link it loads up a webcam and shows a person dressed up in a chicken costume who will do whatever you ask him to (within reason - trust me...don't let the garter belts fool you.).

For example, if you type: "go the bathroom" he will walk over to the couch and pretend he is taking a leak. If you say, "breakdance" he will do the moonwalk.

I kid you not, if you didn't know any better, you would think that there is really some kid in an apartment somewhere being paid $10 an hour to do this. So I tried something. I opened up two browsers and typed in two different commands to the same chicken. Mysteriously enough the chicken performed both acts at the same time.

But nonetheless, it's a clever idea and it kept my attention long enough to wonder if this thing was for real or not. And now that I think about it, I'm kinda in the mood for a chicken sandwich. We'll see what Mr. Chicken thinks about that!

Oh yeah, here's the link.

PS - Chicken update: You can see how this all works by clicking here. (Thanks to BoingBoing)