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Monday, May 10


People must have a need to get things off their chest. Group Hug is a website (warning: there is some weird & freaky stuff on here certainly not endorsed by myself) that allows its users to "confess" their sins or faults to the world. So far, over 69,000 confessions have been made to the site.

There are some "rules" to follow. From the site:

"...the purpose of this site is not to tell funny stories or be as vulgar as possible. the point isn't to get a thrill on posting lies about you and your livestock. the purpose, if there is one, is to offer a little bit of relief from your conscience. this web site is not a message board or an open forum. we'd love it if you would cooperate just a bit."
I guess it just goes to show that some people still have a conscience and need to clear it from time to time. Is this the latest in e-psychotherapy?

Gotta go - confession time...