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Saturday, May 29


Haeftling clothing is handcrafted by.....are you ready for this? Convicts. Yes, it's true. According to their website:

Haeftling means “detainee”, “inmate” or “prisoner” in German – if the fascinating, unmistakably distinctive brandname under which the hand-crafted products of federal penal institution workshops and trainee programmes are marketed. The cleanly designed, highly robust and supremely practical products are all produced by the prisoners themselves. It’s simply clothing and household products that can take a few more knocks and stand a little more wear-and-tear than comparable products produced in the outside world.
Since 1898, Berlin convicts have been busy at work creating and handcrafting these straightforward products. In fact, their work has become so popular that recently, they've added wine, preserves and even bed linens to their product line.

Tell me the folks in Berlin aren't innovative! Their products have become so popular that people will wait months to get their hands on Haeftling clothing.