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Monday, May 3


Yes - another food one...

Saturday morning we found a new breakfast spot in downtown Naperville called Heaven on Seven. It's the suburban location of a great downtown restaurant that I've heard much about but had never eaten at. They specialize in Cajun cuisine and let me tell you....they do it right!

The brunch menu is fantastic - so good in fact, that I went back on Sunday with my mom and dad to introduce them to it.

On Saturday, I ordered "Jimmy's Big Ass Breakfast" which included two eggs any style, chicken fried steak, biscuit and andouille gravy. The name fits the breakfast well and certainly contributed toward my fat.... Amanda ordered the Bananas Foster French Toast which was unbelievable. We also couldn't resist trying out the Parmesan-Reggiano Cheese Grits and the Fried Green Tomatoes in a remoulade sauce.

The highlight of my morning was a certain appetizer that was screaming my name - called "Hot as a Mutha" (see picture above). It's a whole habernero pepper (very hot pepper - way hotter than a jalepeno) stuffed with jalepeno cheese and served with peach salsa. The first bite wasn't too bad. It was the second and third bite that just about made me fall on the floor. Those were the bites that contained the seeds. Oh, the seeds... My eyes are watering right now just thinking about it (no lie).

When I went back on Sunday, I ordered the Poached Eggs on Crabcakes with Creole Sauce. My, oh my, oh my. The crabcakes were delicious.

One of my favorite things about this restaurant is that on each table they have about 15 different hot sauces you can try with your meal. I looked around and noticed that there weren't too many people taking advantage of these, but I did and man, were they great! Each hot sauce made my meal taste a little bit different with each bite.

So - if you live around here and want to abuse yourself, try the Hot as a Mutha. If you just want a great and unique breakfast, give Heaven on Seven a try. There are four or five locations around Chicagoland.

And don't forget the cheese grits.