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Tuesday, May 25


I walked into my local Starbucks this morning and ordered my usual morning coffee - a venti coffee of the day w/ room and a vanilla biscotti.

The girl behind the counter (who is a very nice person by the way...) replied to my order by saying, "You know, there's just something not right about the coffee today - how about I make you a 3 shot Americano?" Well I, of course, was not interested in a bad tasting cup of coffee so I accepted her offer.

The Americano is pretty good - tastes like a latte but with water added instead of milk (my stomach sings praises this morning...).

So I'm trying to figure out if this is some new marketing ploy by Starbucks to get people to try new drinks or was the coffee really not tasting right? If it is the latter, then why would Starbucks even waste time letting it sit? I'm pretty sure that Starbucks has enough sense not to serve bad tasting coffee...

Ok, enough questions. Now I need to focus on my day - which will be much easier now that I have this off of my chest.

Good day.