thoughts/ideas/opinions from scott hodge

Thursday, May 27


1. I'm really into Mexican food right now. Not Taco Bell type crap - but good stuff - simple, real Mexican taco's & carne asada. (Aurora people - try Jalisco's Tacos!!!)

2. I am waking up in a few hours to head over to Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington. In the morning is a stewardship seminar followed by a lunch to connect with a bunch of church leaders. In the afternoon, Bill Hybels is going to be talking about leadership (surprising?).

3. Preparing for my message this weekend. It's not coming together too quickly. Memorial Day theme - lots of directions I could go.

4. Elise has the flu. This sucks.

5. I am faced with some real leadership challenges right now - need to identify some strong volunteer leaders for several projects. I'm on the hunt...

6. Excited about working w/ a church in Minneapolis on some leadership/transition stuff.

Ok - so there you go. I'm off to bed now. I hope to get a blog in @ Willow Creek tomorrow (they are WiFi enabled...)

Stay tuned...